We help our Partners to Discover and Win New Business


OpenVision Business Consultants establishes win-win synergies and is compensated on the basis of results-oriented principles. The Best Solution always relies on in-depth knowledge of the Problem.


Reasons to consider our services:

  • Capability to propose a pragmatic go-to-market strategy that is frequently revised and adapted,
  • Organise the right business content that makes the communication insightful, effective and critically motivates the opportunities,
  • Provide the detailed profile of every opportunity to better coordinate the communication tactics,
  • Coordinating the overall communication and proactively diagnose potential barriers,
  • Manage effective follow-up and nurturing every opportunity with the right content,
  • Conduct Account Development throughout the lifecycle of every partnership,
  • Focus on closing new business.

We carefully ponder all phases of every Project’s implementation, applying project monitoring from accurate problem specification through the selection of alternative implementation tactics that are driven by the criteria leading to successful deliverables governed by principles and rules from the Enterprise Lifecycle Growth Approach.



Our process consists of the active adoption of a lateral, commonsense and pragmatic New Business Development model applied as a dynamic, tailor-made actionable tool through Executive Sales Consulting.

The ultimate goal is to establish sustainable revenue streams. We fathom into in-depth understanding of the Sales Growth hidden factors never before measured.

On-the-field Sales Operations and Continuous Monitoring aim at the active involvement of Partners and their market share increase following OpenVision's Unique Proposition:

  • Understanding what makes our Partners' value proposition desirable,
  • Specify the objectives of the new target market for every Partner,
  • Working out the framework to address and qualify the opportunities,
  • Marketing Services that best fit to every new target market's profile,
  • Develop and nurture a pipeline with qualified opportunities,
  • Boosting conversion of opportunities to new business,
  • Account Development aiming at up-selling and cross-selling on existing customers.

We qualify the factors of the tangible and intangible Value Drivers along an evolutionary and well-adapted tactics.


Our purpose is to ensure that a well-designed simple & focused sales strategy, may create wealth for our Partners, as well as increase their reputation in the new markets.

Our Service Model relies on the vigorous adoption of

"Go-to-Market Strategy" and "Closing New Sales Tactics" with continuous lifecycle management per distinct project.

Current Portfolio of Engagement comprises of:

Core Services

  • Actionable Foresight Consultancy,
  • Business Modeling Lifecycle Management, 
  • Educational Management - Work Based Learning Solutions,                     
  • Coaching Executive Programs, 
  • New Business Development,         
  • Revenue Oriented Marketing Solutions,                       
  • Investment & Money Advisors' Business Development.             

Tailor-Made Services' Areas

  • Communities of Practice and Active Participation,
  • Executive Conference and Management,
  • Executive Content Design and Development,
  • Knowledge Management Solutions Design,
  • Social Media Intelligence Solutions Consultancy,
  • Guest-Facing Solutions Advisory.


46a, Syon Lane, Isleworth, Middlesex, TW7 5NQ

United Kingdom

+44 208 232 5454


OpenVision Business Consultants is an Outsourcing Agency having as purpose to help our Partners to Discover and Win New Business. We engage on New Business Development and Sales Performance Growth on behalf of every Partner and strategically manage our projects from the United Kingdom.

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