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We help our Partners to Discover and Win New Business

Hand-in-Hand with our Partners, our team carries out every project aiming at achieving growth and we treat every Partner’s products, solutions or services through the mutually set critical success factors to effectively extend business turnover 


We geographically engage in United Kingdom, Malta, Greece, Cyprus, the Balkan states, as well as in certain regions and states

in Middle East and North Africa.

Driven by the nature of our business projects, we have been always on move adopting a flexible operational model via remote and smart coordination means.

OpenVision Business Consultants is an Outsourcing Agency for New Business Development and Sales Performance Increase enabling our Partners to extend their Business Growth.

We position our Partners by conveying their value proposition to unexplored markets and we align our planning to the strengths of every Partner, further enriching the ingredients of the joint sales strategy translated to a consistent set of actions that optimally match

end-Customers’ needs.

A concurrent plan for sustainable Account Development ensures the generation of recurrent revenue streams and guarantee Customer Satisfaction and sustainable Return on Investment.

We go where our Partner may not plan to go thus creating additional momentum to both Partners and end-Customers' growth. This means that there is more effective time for talking to opportunities, and invest time necessary to generate new leads on behalf of our Partners.


How OpenVision considers Seamless Alignment with our Partners?

  • Specifying the detailed framework of our "join-forces" approach,

  • Clarifying the required support on behalf of our Partners at the level of Presales, Technical Consulting, Material Provision, as well as firm Commitment in special projects,

  • Coordinating the physical presence of our Partners’ Executives at key-meetings along the sales lifecycle,

  • Qualifying the ROI factors over tangible and intangible Value Drivers along an evolutionary and well-adapted tactics.

"... Maximizing  pragmatic plans..."


Adapt to regional or local conditions, ponder opportunities and constraints, performing sales problem solving tasks.

We take over a structured set of services for New Business Development, Sales Management, Channel Monitoring and additional relevant tasks on behalf of every Partner performing as its own Sales tactical force.

Convey the Value Proposition of our Strategic Partners focusing on the short-term & mid-term benefits in adopting their services. Creation of Revenue Streams either by direct sales processes or via establishing distribution channels.



Openvision’s methodology guarantees a useable and recognizable solution, but also a solution which starts small and scales fast contributing to corporate knowledge and increasing effectiveness and flexibility, ponder opportunities and constraints, performing sales problem solving tasks.


  • Openvision Business Consultants operates across a robust and challenging geographic area,
  • Our Sales Consulting Services have as purpose to alleviate the burden of our Partners that do not possess a Commercial Division in a region, state or geographical territory we have been engaging in,
  • We have been always on move as required by the nature of our business and our target market adopting a flexible administration via remote coordination means,
  • We align to the specific characteristics of our International Partners' solutions that are applicable everywhere as Services, and we offer our new business development tasks in close coordination with them at each project’s stage in a proactive way.












46a, Syon Lane, Isleworth, Middlesex, TW7 5NQ

United Kingdom

+44 208 232 5454





OpenVision Business Consultants is an Outsourcing Agency having as purpose to help our Partners to Discover and Win New Business. We engage on New Business Development and Sales Performance Growth on behalf of every Partner and strategically manage our projects from the United Kingdom.

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